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Riverside Custody Divorce Family Law Attorneys and Lawyers - HAQ Law Firm, PC

Haq Law Firm, PC is a premier boutique law firm in Riverside, CA, that exclusively practices family law in the Inland Empire and surrounding cities, focusing on complicated matters, such as high-conflict divorces that involve division of and valuation of businesses, and marital assets, for professionals and non-professionals alike.

Alternatively, we provide family law mediation services where litigants are looking for a cost-effective resolution and do not wish to waste time and energy litigating in court. Mediation allows parties to retain only one attorney who can serve as a middle-man to accomplish a mutually beneficial result.

The firm's principal Attorney Tash Haq's exclusive focus on family law started by providing legal help to the community through the legal aid shelters to indigent clients. Today, as principal of one of Inland Empire's premier boutique law firm, Attorney Haq's approach is to educate clients about the legal process, by informing them that the results depend on what the evidence can prove, and not what a party knows to be the truth, as well as informing clients that time may be of the essence depending on either the nature of the issue in dispute or procedural aspects such as selecting a court, or a judge.

The Haq Law Firm, PC takes pride in tailoring the firm's practice to focus on representing clients in high-conflict child custody matters, including interstate child custody cases (e.g. parental kidnapping of children, multi-jurisdictional custody dispute), move away trials that involve psychological evaluations, sexual abuse by one parent of the child or restraining order matters wherein one party is accused of domestic violence that he or she did not commit so that the other party may gain advantage in an underlying custody matter.

Do I Need To Hire An Attorney?

What Questions To Ask When Hiring a Family Law Attorney

We provide only family law lawyer representation for child support in Riverside, CA, as well as spousal support, property division, and modification issues. When faced with a child custody, child visitation, or divorce matter, we invite you to contact our family law firm to discuss your options on all issues , including child custody and visitation, asset and debt division, child support and spousal support/alimony.We provide aggressive child custody lawyer representation, aggressive divorce and modification representation, as well as restraining order lawyer representation in:

Our office is available for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION 7 days a week at (909)234-9789. Speak directly with an attorney and obtain a no obligation case evaluation to determine your rights. Call us at (909)234-9789 to make an appointment with one of the attorneys to evaluate your case.

We are located at 4240 Latham St., Suite B, Riverside, CA 92501.