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Spousal support in a divorce are of two specific types: Temporary and Permanent. Courts generally award spousal support while a divorce is ongoing, but one has to request it!

Financial ability of a support paying spouse may change when the support paying spouse cannot continue to pay the amount ordered by court. During such times, it is best to contact our Riverside spousal support attorney to determine what options, if any, you may have at your disposal to either terminate or modify spousal support. Contact our divorce and family law attorney in Riverside to help you with your spousal support matter if you are in need of an aggressive and experienced spousal support attorney.

In a spousal support case, often times issues involve hiding income by a high income earner spouse or a self employed spouse, so the spouse does not have to pay a high amount of child support or spousal support. It is in your best interest to consult our experienced spousal support lawyer and divorce attorney in Riverside to help you protect your rights and level the playing field in a Court.

Temporary Spousal Support

In a Riverside divorce case, generally, temporary spousal support is awarded during the time a divorce is still going on.

Temporary spousal support is awarded to a spouse who needs financial assistance during the pendency of a divorce. Temporary spousal supports are "short term"; i.e. it is awarded "during" the divorce. Once the divorce is finalized, depending on the circumstances, the temporary spousal support amount either continues for a specific period of time, or discontinues.

Permanent Spousal Support

Permanent spousal support is awarded based on criteria set out in Family Code 4320. The amount of a permanent spousal support in Riverside depends on not only the parties incomes, but 12 additional factors under family code 4320. The family law courts must take into consideration these factors to make a determination about "how much" support to order from the paying spouse to the receiving spouse. Usually, permanent spousal support is awarded for the rest of the life of the receiving spouse, unless that spouse remarries, dies, further order of the court, or by agreement of the parties.

Calculate Spousal Support

Temporary spousal support in Riverside, CA is calculated based on the each of the parties income, and the length of the parties marriage. Our Riverside family law attorney can help you understand what deductions are also taken into account by the court to calculate temporary spousal support. The Courts and family law attorneys in Riverside use a legal calculator to determine the temporary spousal support amount.

Permanent spousal support in Riverside, CA is calculated based on not only the parties' income, but also the marriage has to be of more than 10 years, and the factors outlined in California family code 4320. There are about 12 different factors that the Court must consider and balance to determine the amount of support a spouse needs to pay. Usually, the permanent spousal support amount is less than the temporary spousal support amount. There are no legal calculators to determine a permanent spousal support amount, but the Courts have discretion to look at the temporary support amount for guidance.


Changes in financial circumstance would qualify you to request modification (increase or decrease) or termination of spousal support, including:

  • Job loss,
  • Pay reduction, such as loss of overtime or bonuses,
  • The receiving spouse's income has increased, or has obtained a job,
  • Newly discovered income that other spouse hid,
  • Remarriage or cohabitation of the receiving spouse,
  • Death of the receiving spouse, or
  • Further orders of the Court.
  • It is best to consult our Riverside spousal support attorney to determine whether you have any rights to reduce or terminate spousal support amount. Alternatively, you should also seek consultation with our attorney if you are looking to increase your spousal support.
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