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Spousal Support and Child Support Attorney in Riverside, CA

If you are currently involved in a divorce, or will be filing a divorce, spousal support may be an issue. Our experienced Riverside and San Bernardino spousal support attorney can help you understand the complicated spousal support laws so you have a thorough understanding about your spousal support rights. Spousal support is ordered in a divorce to provide financial assistance from high earner spouse to low or no income spouse. Generally, spousal support order depends on how long the parties were married. There are two types of spousal support: temporary spousal support and permanent spousal support. If the parties were married for less than 10 years, spousal support is awarded for half the length of marriage. If the parties were married for more than 10 years, spousal support is awarded to the receiving spouse for the rest of her life, death, or further order of the court. Calculating spousal support is difficult, especially when the parties were married for more than 10 years. This calculation is based not only on the parties' income, but also additional factors under California Family Code 4320.

If you are in search of an experienced and knowledgeable Riverside or San Bernardino child support attorney, please contact our office to speak to our child support attorney who can help you navigate through the complex process of calculating child support. Child support is especially complicated when department of child support services gets involved. Generally, child support is ordered to help one parent financially assist with the upbringing of the parties' child(ren). A child support order is made when the parties have reached a child custody and visitation schedule, and is based on time-share of the child with both parents, and income of the parties.

In calculating spousal support in Riverside, CA or calculating child support in Riverside, CA, the Courts allow the following deductions to be included in determining support:

  • property taxes (if you own a home),
  • property interests (homeowners),
  • health insurance paid for children,
  • union dues,
  • hardship deductions (if you are supporting other children from a different relationship).

To learn more information about how to calculate child support or to calculate spousal support, please follow the links or contact our office for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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If you need assistance in determining your child support in Riverside, CA or how much spousal support you are responsible for, and need to consult with a spousal support attorney in Riverside, CA to determine if you can modify your support, please contact our office. We are available 7 days a week for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION. Please call us at (909)234-9789. We are here to help.

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