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Riverside Attorneys and Lawyers for Mediation


Mediation is the process by which our Riverside family law and divorce mediation lawyer meets with both parties, listens to their concerns and proposes possible solution(s) to each specific issue. Our Riverside mediator discusses settlement options with both parties and helps them come to a final decision regarding all the issues in their divorce, without going to court. 

In a divorce or family law mediation, our Riverside mediation attorney does not represent either party, but instead acts as a neutral to help parties come to an agreement. We then draft a settlement agreement which reflects the final agreements of the parties.

What Services Are Included In Mediation?

Our Riverside mediation attorneys are experienced mediators who can help you come to a speedy resolution of your divorce. These services include assistance in preparing all documents necessary for the case to be concluded and submitting these documents to the court. If you would like more information about the mediation process, please call our office at (909)234-9789 7 days a week to speak to an attorney, or set up a consultation with you and your spouse.


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Benefits of Mediation

Divorce is, most of the time, costly. However, there are ways to minimize the costs of a divorce. You can talk with your spouse and come to an agreement prior to the divorce, or go through mediation where a mediator (a neutral third party) will listen to both of your position regarding your wants, demands, and needs, and will help you reach an agreement outside of court.

The mediation process is confidential. Our Riverside mediation attorneys can help you mediate child custody, property division, and any other family law related issues. Many people want to get their divorce completed as quickly, easily, and cost effectively as possible. Despite being faced with a divorce, if the parties are still able to communicate effectively with each other, then mediation is a financially smart solution.

Call us 7 days by phone at (909)234-9789 for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION.

Child Custody Mediation - In Riverside, CA, the parents of the child must attend child custody recommending counseling session (aka mediation), and a child custody recommending counselor / mediator listens to both parents' concerns and positions to assist the parents to come to an amicable decision about custody and

visitation plan. If the parties cannot reach an agreement during the mediation, the mediator makes a written recommendation to the Court, and both parents are given an opportunity to review the recommendation before they appear in front of the Judge.

If the parents do not agree to the mediator's recommendation, or partially disagree, the Court determines the child visitation schedule (or custody) based on what is in the best interest of the child.